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Parker Enterprise are happy to announce that we are officially Cyber Essentials approved. Cyber Essentials is an independent verified self-assessment created by their partner, IASME which helps protect companies against cyber threats & attacks. By completing this assessment, we revealed our dedication to cyber security & we are now protected against cyber-attacks.

There are 5 different controls to Cyber Essentials: Boundary Firewalls & Internet Gateway, Secure Configuration, Access Control, Malware Protection & Patch Management –

  • Boundary Firewalls & Internet Gateway – At Parker Enterprise, all of our employees have access to the internet therefore this control will apply to us. Firewalls & internet gateways prevent unwanted traffic gaining access to our networks & systems.
  • Secure Configuration – Getting a new piece of equipment such as a computer means you have to set up the settings correctly. If you use default settings, the computer is more likely to be open to cyber-attacks.
  • Access Control – When a lot of employees have access to accounts within the business, there is usually a breakout of data & cyber breaches. Companies can manage how many people have access by setting up usernames & passwords.
  • Malware Protection – Companies should be protecting all computers that are connected to the internet. Where computers and systems are exposed to the internet, they will need to be protected from malware. Malware is a programme, that has been coded with the intent to perform unauthorised actions on a computer.
  • Patch Management – With software, there are often regular updates released to add more features and improve performance. If there are any areas in software that hasn’t been updated, this can become a weak spot that can be used to gain access to networks and computer systems.

Attackers are always looking for weak organisations with no cyber protection as these companies will be an easy target for them. Cyber-attacks come in many different sizes & ways, primarily carried out by unskilled individuals or robots. The guidance we have been given is designed to prevent any type of cyber-attack.

At Parker Enterprise, we take cyber security seriously ensuring all areas of our organisation are protected. Although Cyber Essentials is simple but effective, it is a Government backed scheme that helps safeguard our company from any cyber-attack no matter how big or small.

By displaying our Cyber Essentials certification, we are now reassuring all customers, old & new, that our company is safe to work with. Having this certificate is very beneficial for us as we are always working with different partner networks, some which are Government operated. A lot of Government contracts require Cyber Essentials certification therefore this gives us the chance to expand our company even further & obtain more contracts.

At Parker Enterprise, we will be updating our Cyber Essentials certification annually & completing the self-assessment every year. As a company we will always be up to date with the latest information & advice. All certificates issued by IASME have a 12-month expiry date. This is beneficial as it gives our employees an incentive to complete the assessment & learn new guidance frequently.

View our Certificate here.