parker enterprise landscape designer

Yevheniia Syvokozova, a Ukrainian landscape designer from Kharkov, has recently achieved a significant milestone in her career journey.

After completing an ESOL course to improve her English skills, Yevheniia landed a job as a market gardener at Heckfield Home Farm, fulfilling her passion for outdoor work.

Struggling to find employment that accommodated her responsibilities as a mother, Yevheniia’s determination never wavered. With the help of the ESOL program, she honed her resume and cover letter writing skills, ultimately securing a job that matched her qualifications and interests.

Expressing her gratitude, Yevheniia said, “I want to thank the ESOL course and Safoora personally for their professional conduct of practical classes. The skills gained from working on creating resumes and cover letters helped me move to a new level of professional approach. I was able to get job offers based on my qualifications and made many new acquaintances with UK employers. I am very grateful to you.”

We at Parker Enterprise are thrilled to have been able to assist individuals like Yevheniia on their journey towards success. Our services are tailored to meet the needs of each participant, ensuring that our client-centred approach remains relevant, engaging, and informative.

Congratulations to Yevheniia on her well-deserved success!